A Keltic Cross Reading for Grace
December 30, 1998

"What's So Regarding 1999 for Grace?"

The card in this position represents the foundation that molded your past or created the basis of where you are now.
YOUR CARD - The Six of Cups - 6s indicate adjustments in thoughts, attitudes or conditions. They also represent the ability to transcend difficulties. Cups indicate that conditions are felt primarily in the realm of emotion or spirit, but not necessarily as an outward manifestation. The focus is on environmental changes, comings or goings, short trips or jaunts, friends, lovers, relatives, nostalgia, work or employment. Though yearning for only one, there will be a transcendent experience that will open my heart to new possibilities. A new job or assignment will be presented that will give my spirits a much needed and welcome boost. Happiness can come from many sources, whether it's one I've named or not. God works in mysterious ways. Relax and let ideas come and go. When the right one comes, I'll know it. Things are going to work out better than I anticipate, and an unexpected twist of fate will be a turning point for me in the attainment of my goal.

2. WHERE YOU ARE NOW: This position indicates the circumstances that are present in your life which motivate your question or cause concern.
YOUR CARD - The 10 of Coins - This card signifies a cylical rebeginning, and a time to come to terms with something I have avoided in the past. Coins indicate that conditions are taking form, or are in the process of being demonstrated. The focus is on the home, family, or dwelling; daily living costs and expenses; domestic matters; friends, community, and working environment. There will be no love life at this time, because all activities will be geared to daily living, family ties, or my home. Attend to day-to-day living or household affairs that need maintenance or attention and stick close to those who support you or the way you want to feel about yourself. An era or chain of events is going to culminate and be completed, which will detach me from my problems and eliminate apprehension. A new group or union will also be in the making.

3. HOPES OR FEARS: This is an important aspect of your reading because it reveals the inner workings of your mind as a result of your past and present, and is often the determining factor and possible outcome of your reading, depending on the forces working for or against you and the card in the tenth position.
YOUR CARD - The High Priestess - The focus is on positive and negative polarities; waiting, learning assimilation, and application; trade, finance, and negotiations; and public activities or public relations. I'll be putting love, or the one I love out of my thoughts in order to avoid emotional entanglements or the pangs of desire. I'll be waiting for results or for the arrival of someone or something. Patience will be needed, but ultimately I'll be successful. Once I make a decision or decide upon a goal, make a commitment to it and let nothing divert me from it or keep me from attaining it. Recognize the patterns that have sabotaged me in the past and cut them off. This is a gestation period. Changes are taking place on the inner planes, and at the appropriate time, these new energies will be released and I will spring back into full force. I must visualize the desired result as an accomplished fact, and act as if I am already what I want to be and I will be. Help will come if I need it, and things are going to turn out quite differently that I anticipate. I can also expect a pleasant surprise or two.

4. PRESENT & PASSING: This covers not only your recent past, but long-term blocks or influences as well, and though its effect may still be felt in your present and perhaps very near future, its influence is passing away and moving out of importance.
YOUR CARD - The Lovers - This card, a member of the Major Arcana, indicates important events in impact and effect. The focus of this card is on sudden and unpredictable changes, interesting experiences, love, friendship, newness, unions, meetings, examination, choice, reorganization, travel, personal property or domicile. A separation from a loved one is going to cause great feelings of frustration and alienation. Past failures will make me leery of making the same mistakes all over again. A "failure" now, will prove to be a blessing later. New avenues will open up offering unexpected gains in a diffent direction. Something is going to change my plans or the course of my experience, something that may look negative on the surface but will later prove to be a blessing in disguise. Things don't have to go according to plan for me to benefit from them. It's time to drop the "support" systems and depend on the Universe. Look beneath what appears to be...Fate will bring serendipity. I may suffer through unavoidable consequences or predicaments (or as a result of another), but I will do the right thing or come to the right conclusion and someone or something will correct the problem or remove me from it.

5. FORCES FOR OR AGAINST YOU: The card in this position plays a major role in determining the outcome of your reading, because its influence is the crux of all preceding events. If the card that falls in this position is positive, then the conditions surrounding your query will be working in your favor. If, on the other hand, the card has a negative connotation, then those influences will be opposing.
YOUR CARD - Queen of Swords - The focus is on development, research or investigation, science of electronic devices, instruction, training, or the desire to break into a new area; deep thinking, change, or new thinking. The past is gone and the furute looks uncertain, but I don't want to be faithless or fearful. A feeling of emptiness is sometimes necessary. A cup that's already full has no room for more. Relinquish self-guidance (ego) and allow the Higher to lead. There are times when earthly desires must be sacrificed in order to make room for a Divine plan. Wait for new ideas or products to develop and in the meantime, do something pleasurable. Learn to find satisfaction in that which you can do on your own.

6. THE NEAR FUTURE: This card will indicate how you've emerged from your recent past, as well as any new factors that come into being.
YOUR CARD - The 7 of Cups - 7s denote a period of introspection or solitude. They also indicate unlooked-for-advantages or gain through things that come unexpectedly. The focus is on the search for truth, gut-wrenching experiences, and life-altering events related to my family, friends, work or love; feelings of powerlessness, inadequacy, or confusion; cosmic contact, spiritual experience. Don't let conditions, appearances, or what others have to say sway me or cause me to veer from my ideal. What I want is right under my nose, just waiting to be discovered. Be thankful for all that I do have or that which I have been given, and steer clear of negative thoughts or influences. Allowing for weakenss can be disastrous in that it will undermine all the work I have done. I will put things together in my mind and come to a final resolution which will bring a deep feeling of gratitude or contentment.

7. HOW THE NEAR FUTURE WILL EVOLVE: This position reveals the way in which you've responded to the near future and how or in what way the future is evolving.
YOUR CARD - The Fool - The focus is on faith, hope, trust and contentment; high ideals and the possibility of a brighter tomorrow; choice, personal effort, and the Cosmic play of the Universe in my life and affairs. I will have mixed emotions regarding another, who will want more than I am ready to give or commit to. Part of me will want to enter the relationship with complete abandon, while another part will hold it at bay. I will live life as I see fit without the need for "votes", and my friends and business associates will be friendly, loving and supportive...old wounds begin to heal. I'll begin a new enterprise which will afford me the opportunity to work with or teach the public on a grander scale. I'll have the conviction that no matter what life hands me, it's going to be all right. Of myself, I don't know what I need, or what will bring happiness in the long run. If I let go of all that I think I want or need, "want" will also go, and in its place I'll find its objective...happiness. Talk things over with God. The more I do, the more clearly I'll understand His guidance (as a natural inner urging) and the way in which He responds. Don't hang on to an idea or support system out of fear of failure or loss. That which I am in need of will be given or come to pass, although it may not come in the form I think I want or need.

8. NEW TURN OF EVENTS AND/OR THE EFFECTS OF OTHERS ON YOU: This card indicates new developments or perhaps unexpected changes that will alter your course or shed new light on existing situations; it includes the effects of others, if another plays an important role in the outcome of your question.
YOUR CARD - The 10 of Wands - The focus is on a major change or move from one thing or place to another, planning, executing, plodding through, and meeting practical difficulties in order to bring a new way into being; also, new projects and taking steps toward progress. A residential move is indicated. I will change my routine or wrap up the work I am currently doing in order to do something else along a different line... Be determined to have what I want...the goal is within reach. Don't accept less. In business or material affairs, wait until the proper action becomes evident. Until then, finish what I have started. In matters of the heart, don't waste time on an impossible relationship. A new venture will begin that will eash a lot of my previous tensions.

9. YOU IN THE ENVIRONMENT OF THE FUTURE: The card in this position is very revealing, because it represents you in the environment of the future, how your surroundings will affect you, and how you will think in times to come. It gives tremendous clarity as to the effect the future will have on you, and what tomorrow may hold.
YOUR CARD - The King of Cups - The focus is on activities centering around the home or a business that I can do out of my home, financial independence; daydreaming about love and romance. I want someone to spend time with, make love to, or share my life with, and to be self sustaining or solvent in the work I've chosen to do. Something new is about to be established that is going to change my outlook...something food. A new direction or course of action is going to be proposed that will encourage my independent wishes. A disagreeable situation and a negative motional condition are going to come to an end. My best course of action is to refuse to accept less than what is correct in people or to settle for what is "so so". Put my ideas to the test. Business will take an upward swing, new projects will be in the making, and if you "significant other" has yet to appear, I will know that there's a Divine Order sustaining my fundamental needs, and the time is drawing near.

10. OUTCOME OR SUMMATION: This is the summation or outworkings of all the previous cards.
YOUR CARD - Judgement - The focus is on new personal relationships, new business ventures or partnerships, beneficial help, improved conditions and a complete change in habit, consciousness, or purpose. The resolving of inner or outer conflicts will mark the end of suffering and bring improved conditions, or a change in consciousness through spiritual evolvement or self-development will bring new purpose, meaning or motivation to your work. Cosmic forces are going to correct the situation, but this is only the first step. There is still the possibility of defeat unless my cooperation is continued. What's meant by cooperation is my determination to persevere without immediate results, and to allow the power of the Infinite to penetrate my consciousness and steer me into that which I desire to to change my Karma for me. Accept what is going to be offered...it could change my life. After a period of suffering or failure to find happiness, the past will begin to fade, and I will experience a regeneration of mind or spirit which will be directed toward new ideas, new areas, and new beginnings.

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