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Date: (Date Reading was Done)

The card in this position represents the foundation that molded your past or created the basis of where you are now.

This position indicates the circumstances that are present in your life which motivate your question or cause concern.

This is an important aspect of your reading because it reveals the inner workings of your mind as a result of your past and present, and is often the determining factor and possible outcome of your reading, depending on the forces working for or against you and the card in the tenth position.

This covers not only your recent past, but long-term blocks or influences as well, and though its effect may still be felt in your present and perhaps very near future, its influence is passing away and moving out of importance.

The card in this position plays a major role in determining the outcome of your reading, because its influence is the crux of all preceding events. If the card that falls in this position is positive, then the conditions surrounding your query will be working in your favor. If, on the other hand, the card has a negative connotation, then those influences will be opposing.

This card will indicate how you've emerged from your recent past, as well as any new factors that come into being.

This position reveals the way in which you've responded to the near future and how or in what way the future is evolving.

This card indicates new developments or perhaps unexpected changes that will alter your course or shed new light on existing situations; it includes the effects of others, if another plays an important role in the outcome of your question.

The card in this position is very revealing, because it represents you in the environment of the future, how your surroundings will affect you, andh ow you will think in times to come. It gives tremendous clarity as to the effect the future will have on you, and what tomorrow may hold.

This is the summation or outworkings of all the previous cards.


Simple Keltic Kross

1. Your Experience To Date
2. Where You Are Now
3. The Near Future
4. You In The Environment of The Future
5. Best You Can Hope For
6. Outcome

For those of you seeking more Spiritual Guidance, a personal reading that will cover:

1. Where You Are Now, Or That Which Concerns You.
2. What Is The Force Or Motivation Behind Your Desire
3. What Is The Underlying Problem
4. What You Need To Understand That You're Not Aware Of
5. What You Need To Do To Come To Terms With Your Problem
6. What's The Best Way To Proceed In Order To Carry Out The Advice Given
7. Spiritual Guidance Concerning Your Future
8. Your Ultimate Attainment