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The Keltic Cross Spread


The card in this position represents the foundation that molded your past or created the basis of where you are now.
This position indicates the circumstances that are present in your life which motivate your question or cause concern.
This is an important aspect of your reading because it reveals the inner workings of your mind as a result of your past and present, and is often the determining factor and possible outcome of your reading, depending on the forces working for or against you and the card in the tenth position.
This covers not only your recent past, but long-term blocks or influences as well, and though its effect may still be felt in your present and perhaps very near future, its influence is passing away and moving out of importance.
The card in this position plays a major role in determining the outcome of your reading, because its influence is the crux of all preceding events. If the card that falls in this position is positive, then the conditions surrounding your query will be working in your favor. If, on the other hand, the card has a negative connotation, then those influences will be opposing.
This card will indicate how you've emerged from your recent past, as well as any new factors that come into being.
This position reveals the way in which you've responded to the near future and how or in what way the future is evolving.
This card indicates new developments or perhaps unexpected changes that will alter your course or shed new light on existing situations; it includes the effects of others, if another plays an important role in the outcome of your question.
The card in this position is very revealing, because it represents you in the environment of the future, how your surroundings will affect you, andh ow you will think in times to come. It gives tremendous clarity as to the effect the future will have on you, and what tomorrow may hold.
This is the summation or outworkings of all the previous cards.


What's so Regarding Von and Tina?

1. Basis: Three of Swords
Your focus was on personal relationships, exterior influences, and on separations and disappointment, followed by restructuring, rebuilding and renewing. You may have run out of hope or stamina, and needed to see some results before you could get out of the doldrums and start something new. Because you had experienced suffering and heartache in the past, you may not have been willing to extend yourself until now. You have been unhappy over your relationships or love life, but that condition will not last much longer. Whether you liked it or not, changes had to be made, only to make way for the dawning of something better. You salvaged what you could, but things were not completed or resolved.

2. Now: Knight of Coins
Your heart and mind are on life, love and the pursuit of happiness, that will take precedence over all else. You are so wanting of the peace or personal fulfillment that only love or the grace of God can bring, and to enjoy the simple things in life and all they have to offer. There has been some apprehension over a schedule, because you felt it would wipe out your chances for a relationship; and your intuition is in full force regarding that which is to come. You are seriously considering a marriage or union and all of its ramifications. Love is the most important and all-encompassing thing in life. It's all you want, and all you think about. You don't want to work or do anything else, because it is such an all consuming emotion. You will be spending time with an easy-going, intelligent and likeable person, and will enjoy her company very much. This could also prove to be a significant connection in times to come. At this point in time, follow your hunches...your "gut reaction" do what feels right and don't do what doesn't.

3. Hopes/Fears: Five of Coins
Self doubt and confusion, difficult dealings with others, unfortunate circumstances in love, misfortune, suffering and loss, and upsets or pressures caused by someone or something. There is a situation you don't want to deal with or an issue that you are not wanting to confront. A lot of what you are feeling is a direct result of being overtaxed (mentally or physically) and pushing yourself beyond your limits. You will attract people with whom you have more in common or who mirror your experience. You will have to deal with uncomfortable issues whether you want to or not, but in time you will realize that it was for the best or the only way you could have grown.

4. Present/Passing: Page of Wands
This focus is on inventory and analyzing, philosophical, spiritual, discussions, and activities; the desire for expansion; sexual attraction, new beginnings. You were afraid that you and your lover were not going to get together, or that if you did, if you just be a superficial relationship with no real depth or giving of one's self. You are going to unite with a loved one, and will hope that a new approach will be successful Settling for less is coming to an end. You are beginning to avoid situations that frustrate, anger or distress you.

5. Forces For/Against: Four of Swords
The focus is on activity, with special emphasis on printed materials, such as letters. You want desires to be fulfilled, and/or spiritual support or transformation. You will experience a feeling of being "cut off" or "out of touch", but your determination to overcome negative conditions will win out. You will feel that your partner is not holding up her end, participating enough, or willing to sustain the relationship by applying effort toward maintaining it. You will experience frustration, anger, or tears resulting from unfulfilled desires on insurmountable difficulties, but that condition will not last long. You'll need a rest before any further activity can be resumed.

6. Near Future: Eight of Coins
The focus of this card is on the assistance or backing on an idea or project, and on risks, finances and assets, enlargement, accomplishment, friendship, romance and betterment. Love may be difficult to ground, but someone will light up your life (or be the best thing about life). You will be wondering if your relationship is really practical or if you're living in a dream world that can never be reconciled with the lifestyle you're accustomed to or have chosen to live. You will be feeling uncomfortable or off balance because you will feel the advent of change or the necessity to implement changes are you won't want to leave the safety or security that's been previously established. You will soon sever a relationship with one who's been difficult or disappointing, and you will form a new alliance. Feeling as if you're being pushed into making a commitment you're not prepared to make because it doesn't feel right, will cause you much anxiety.

7. Near Future: Three of Cups
Self-improvement, self-healing, self realization and self love, social interactions, effects of others, spiritual awakening. Since you will be unable to control external conditions, you will realize that you must change internally, and will want to revise your attitude and the way you react or deal with what is happening. You need to be loved and nurtured, and will want to be loving, but need to feel that you are loved and fulfilled first. An empty cup can't quench anyone's thirst. You need to share your feelings and talk about what's bothering you. A new beginning will bring great happiness and joy, and problems will be a thing of the past. You'll be bothered by a conversation with another, and an unpleasant decision that must be made or communicated. Great improvements will be made in many areas through your decisive actions and any strife you may have suffered in the past is going to end.

8. New Turn of Events/Effects of Others: The Emperor
The focus is on construction, formation, and solidity, the appearance of someone that will change the status quo or present an opportunity to to enter into a new relationship or life style. You'll be thinking about the one you love, she will be thinking about you. When you hear from her, you'll make plans to get together. You'll be discussing plans for the future. Someone will lift your spirits and change the course of your experience for the better. Someone will appear that will enable you to actualize a concept you devoted a lot of time and love toward. Accept what is coming your way and don't delay.

9. You/Future: The Ace of Swords
This focus is on a period of pressure, tension, anxiety and explosive situations related to responses from others. You want personal gratification. A new Love will take you by storm. Strong emotions will be brought out by a romantic involvement. You'll experience frustration and tense conditions, but you will be determined not to let it fluster you so it won't last for long. You will make the decision to act on, or move into a less problematic environment or situation. You will let a problem ride rather than forcing the issue. Have faith in yourself, Persevere and be determined, let nothing divert you from having what you want.

10. Outcome: Ace of Wands
This focus is on potential, that which could be or is about to be, new avenues of fulfillment or promise that comes out of the blue. You want a new beginning in love. You won't want to experience life alone, or have a "part-time" relationship; you want a full time partner and though you are receptive to all who advance, the time won't be ripe to reap the full harvest. You can expect a happy union, and if you've had problems in the past, misunderstandings will be resolved. This could indicate a live in relationship or marriage. You'll be analyzing your relationships, taking another look at your possibilities, and your outlook will be good. Dwelling on the past doesn't serve you, and blocks productivity or romantic endeavors. You will have luck in new beginnings or fresh starts. This could also indicate a breakthrough of some kind. You've got to make a move or take a first stop. New elements are being conceived, whether they are perceived at this time or not. Do something different and be alert and perceptive to new ideas. Act on the alternatives as they are presented. A new start or way of life will be realized, and you will be hoping that things will continue to pan out in the future.