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Matthew Alexander

Alex is affectionately known as "Gator" by his close friends and family. He is 6 years old.

He's in Kindergarten this year. He is going to a really great school, one that reinforces the positives.

Super Bee and Lunch Cat have been to our house to spend the night. Super Bee comes home with a kid with "Super Bee-haviour" in class, and Lunch Cat comes home with the kid who has good manners, and observes lunch room rules in the cafeteria.

Of course, all that good behaviour is saved for school. He is a normal 6 year old at home!

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This is his class photo. Alex is in the top row (in the blue shirt), standing next to his friend and fellow trouble-maker, Kyle.
His teacher is Mrs. Wilson.


Alex is in First Grade now. He is doing very well in school, learning to read, and how to add and subtract! He's taken and passed 23 Accelerated Reader tests!

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