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by Charles T.W. Ivermee

I am a badger and I am strong and compact, I have wisdom and am a private creature. I see a lot, I do not judge, I could say a lot more than I do.

My coat is thick and smooth, I have sharp and powerful claws which are in my control. I have immense stamina and can walk for miles, and will choose to do so when other creatures do not like to venture out. I love to be comfortable and hoard goodies which I would share if you came visiting. I am a calm creature, and love simplicity. I am pleased to be a badger, and would not be any other creature.

Everything around me has been chosen and is special to me. I am keenly aware of the air, the weather, the trees, water and do a lot of watching.

I can be gruff and I withdraw when that is what I need to do. I say "I am going now" and I go. I am cautious, slow to trust.

I love my badgerness, being me is good, I love having my nose into things.

The Badger - Defined

The Badger
Taxidea taxus
The Badger
The Badger
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